Acclaimed State Exibition on "The Naumburg Master" in 2011

The German Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt was proud to host a State exhibition in 2011, entitled: "The Naumburg Master - Sculptor and Architect in the Europe of Cathedrals". An astonishing number of 200.000 visitors came to see the Naumburg Master's work on display in Naumburg, including loaned sculptures from France, Poland, Great Britain, Austria, and the USA. The exhibition had a shared patronage of both the German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, and the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.
Recent research has shown that the famous workshop of stonemasons and sculptors we refer to as the Naumburg Master was trained while working on the Cathedral building projects in northern France in the 1220s. The workshop then turned to Metz, Mainz, and Naumburg.
Supported by an excellent international network of museums and scientific institutions, this exhibition project gained a tremendous insight on the cultural trade and exchange in Europe in the High Middle Ages.

Banner for the acclaimed state exibition on the Naumburg Master in 2011 Banner for the acclaimed state exibition on "The Naumburg Master" in 2011

"Meeting of Utas" every year in March

The now universally acclaimed sculpture of Uta of Naumburg became a widely known icon in the second half of the 19th century. Since then many families took to naming their children after Uta, making it a popular girls name in Germany until today. For that reason the city of Naumburg and the Cathedral Chapter have called upon all bearers of that name to reunite once a year in Naumburg at the feet of their ancestress. Every year in March, Utas from all over the World come to Naumburg to learn about the famous sculpture and its history and to exchange their personal family history with other descendants of Uta-admirers. More than 1200 Utas have taken part in recent years!

Meeting of Utas Meeting of Utas